$9.3 million has been distributed throughout Florida, making SMART Ride the 2nd largest AIDS bicycle ride in the country and the only one of its size to give back 100%.


Southern Most AIDS/HIV Ride is a 2-day, 165-mile ride from Miami to Key West.  The first ride happened in November 2003 with less than 100 riders and approximately 100 crew.  SMART Ride has grown to be the 2nd largest AIDS bicycle ride in the United States.  SMART Ride is the ONLY ride of its size to give back 100% to the benefitting agencies. SMART Ride has distributed $9.3 million throughout Florida so far.

-To get more information, visit www.thesmartride.org

SMART Ride money has allowed MOL to provide resources to clients not covered by City of Orlando, Florida Department of Health, and Orange County grant funding.  Some of these resources include food, personal hygiene products, insurance and medication co-pays, medical supplies, clothing, transportation, funeral costs, and vision care.  MOL is able to help over 800 families each year with SMART Ride funds.

SMART Ride funds helped with the opening of the Stafford House, a LGBT+ safe drop-in space for young adults.  This space features a computer café, known as SMART Ride Café.  SMART Ride funds were used, in part, to purchase computers for client use to do job searches, research, search for housing, and other things that a of a private nature.

The newest addition to MOL is the Mobile Screening Unit.  This unit features two testing rooms, completely private and soundproof to ensure confidentiality of a client.  SMART Ride funds contributed to the purchase of this new tool used to reach out to high-risk populations and encourage HIV testing, and linkage to treatment, when necessary.

MOL joined the event starting with SMART Ride 7.  Over the last seven rides, MOL has received $909,000 for Central Florida families affected by HIV/AIDS.  One of Team Miracle of Love’s goals for SMART Ride 15 is to reach the $1 million mark!

This year’s SMART Ride is the 15th run, and to celebrate 15 years of riders, crew, and helping the Florida HIV/AIDS community, SMART Ride has set a goal to raise $1.5 million!  All agencies, riders, crew members, and those wanting to help, will work toward the goal, and in doing so, will help MOL reach one of its goals, and putting our agency over the $1 million mark of funds received through SMART Ride.

Over the 15 years that SMART Ride has operated, there have been 16 benefiting agencies.  In addition to the 49 checks, that SMART Ride has written to various other agencies through the 10% Lifeline program.  A total of $9.3 million has gone out to agencies through participation and the 10% Lifeline.  If SMART Ride is able to achieve the $1.5 million goal for SR 15, it will have raised and distributed over $10 million over the course of its 15 years of operation.

SMART Ride 14 was the first year that Miracle of Love’s Executive Director, Angus Bradshaw Jr., stepped away from managing the dining crew, and rode the 165 miles from Miami to Key West.  Rose Hornedo has since taken over the dining crew, allowing Angus to ride in SR 15.

Although SMART Ride is two days in November, TSR Adventures, and all participating agencies work year round to coordinate every detail.  Planning for the next ride begins almost immediately after the end of the current ride.  Agencies and organizers meet monthly to update and coordinate every aspect of the ride from medical personnel, to feeding every crewmember and rider, and planning housing for every person involved during the event.  Although this is the 15th year, it does not always happen as planned.  SR 14 became delayed after Hurricane Irma devastated the Florida Keys.  SMART Ride organizers worked feverishly to arrange a new rest point, secure the necessary permits and locations, and even had crews out sweeping the route for the riders of all debris that was left behind after the storm.  It all came together in January 2018, raising a total of $830,245.

Although SR 14 was delayed because of Hurricane Irma, riders and crew turned up to show the world that “Hurricane Irma couldn’t stop us.  AIDS won’t stop us! 165 miles Miami to Key West!”  Team Miracle of Love sported 18 riders and 13 crew.  Team Miracle of Love is looking for dedicated people to join our team for SR 15!  Riders and crew are always welcome.

Promoting and advertising the SMART Ride is very easy.  We will provide you with posters, cards, and other materials for you to use to promote and advertise the event.  Not only will you be helping the HIV/AIDS community throughout Florida, you will get the benefit of being recognized by MOL through our social media outlets, and on our SMART Ride page right here.

To become a rider for Team Miracle of Love, you have to provide your own bicycle and safety gear.  You can train with the team, but free to train for the ride on your own.  You must raise $1,250.00 to ride in SR 15 through donations from family, friends, and business sponsors.  Do not fret though, if you need help reaching that goal, MOL SMART Ride representatives will work with you to provide ideas, and assist you. 

Although our riders are required to raise $1,250.00 each, we always welcome corporate sponsors for our riders and crew.  Corporate sponsors receive recognition through our social media outlets, on our website, and through our information sessions, outreach events, and other medium, as they are available to us.

Sponsors are always amazing, but every little bit counts.  If you would like to donate to the team, you will receive recognition through our social media, information sessions, and other medium, as they are available to us. 

We would really like to provide you with all the information we can about this truly spectacular event, so we host four information sessions prior to the event.  However, we understand that schedules may not align and you may not be able to attend.  If you would still like to get information, please feel free to fill out the contact form below, or contact one of our SMART Ride Representatives at 407-843-1760 and ask for Rose Hornedo, or 321-347-2083 and speak to Wyatt Haro.

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