The Stafford House is safe space “drop-in” center for youth of alternative lifestyles, who are looking for a place where they feel a sense of belonging at times when they are most vulnerable to community discrimination and alienation.

The Stafford House provides a space where youth can meet and discuss life issues, which will give them the necessary tools to be empowered. The space provides support for life skills development by offering a computer lab, resource area, and various workshops. Fun and social activities provided weekly include; movie night, karaoke, kickball, softball, games nights and many other daily activities.

The Stafford House also provides a space for support groups such as:

This group provides a social and supportive space, in allowing young black men to discuss and engage in health education and promote safer sex practices, including PrEP, routine testing and treatment. @BROSINCONVO

is a Spanish speaking men’s HIV+ support group that meets once a month facilitated by
Jose Aguilar –

is a Men’s HIV+ support group that meets twice a month facilitated by Stephen Adonna from Hope and Help

is a Women’s HIV+ support group that meets once a month facilitated by Seantel Jarrett


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