The Stafford House is safe space “drop-in” center for youth of alternative lifestyles, who are looking for a place where they feel a sense of belonging at times when they are most vulnerable to community discrimination and alienation.

The Stafford House provides a space where youth can meet and discuss life issues, which will give them the necessary tools to be empowered. The space provides support for life skills development by offering a computer lab, resource area, and various workshops. Fun and social activities provided weekly include; movie night, karaoke, kickball, softball, games nights and many other daily activities.

The Stafford House also provides a space for support groups such as:

This group provides a social and supportive space, in allowing young black men to discuss and engage in health education and promote safer sex practices, including PrEP, routine testing and treatment. @BROSINCONVO

is a Spanish speaking men’s HIV+ support group that meets once a month facilitated by Jose Aguilar –

POZitive Action is a peer-driven support group for people living with HIV.  It provides an opportunity to have open conversations among themselves, discuss living with the virus and to fight the stigma through community advocacy and outreach.

is a free, casual, and confidential meet up for men living with or affected by HIV/AIDS that meets twice a month facilitated by Stephen Adonna from Hope and Help

is a Women’s HIV+ support group that meets once a month facilitated by Seantel Jarrett