The Ryan White Medical Case Management program provides HIV-related services for those who do not have sufficient health care coverage or financial resources for coping with HIV.  It is a client-centered service designed to link clients to healthcare in an effort to promote disease management, treatment adherence and improved health outcomes. Medical Case Managers also provide information and referrals for housing, financial assistance, mental health services, substance abuse treatment services, public benefits, insurance, food assistance, transportation, employment, and education.

Clients are assigned to a Miracle of Love Medical Case Manager who work with the client to complete a comprehensive assessment of their needs and personal support systems in order to coordinate access to services. The Medical Case Manager and client develop a personalized service plan to prioritize needs, identify barriers to care and link clients to eligible services and help eliminate barriers.

There are medications that can effectively reduce levels of HIV to an undetectable level. That means an HIV+ person can live a longer, healthier life and that ability to transmit the virus to another person is greatly lessened. This, in turn, means a reduction in new cases of HIV infection in our community.

Linkage to Care is a process in which people testing positive for HIV are assisted in accessing care and treatment for their HIV infection. Our goals are to increase the number of people who know their HIV status, remain in treatment on antiretroviral (ARV) therapy, and maintain a suppressed viral load. Counseling and testing programs support people finding out their HIV status.

Medical Case management assistance is also available in Spanish through bilingual staff.

Qualifications to Receive Ryan White Part A Services

Ryan White Program (Part A/Minority AIDS Initiative) services are available to individuals living with HIV or AIDS.

To be eligible for services, you must be:

  1. HIV positive or have AIDS,
  2. Meet financial eligibility requirements,
  3. Currently live in and is a permanent resident of Orange, Lake, Seminole County.

The Ryan White Program (Part A/Minority AIDS Initiative) provides different types of services. Certain services may have additional eligibility requirements and/or limitations.

Please contact a Ryan White Program (Part A/Minority AIDS Initiative) medical case manager for more information. 

Ryan White Program providers offering this service are listed below. Please contact a medical case manager directly for details.

To receive AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) services, clients must meet both State of Florida Department of Health (DOH) Core Eligibility requirements and DOH ADAP qualifications.