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Healthcare Support Specialist is a supportive model that is responsible for determining RW Part A eligibility for and linkage to RW funded services. Healthcare Support Specialist is designed as the initial contact with newly dx patients and those who are returning to care after an extended (more than 6 months) absence of utilizing RW funded services.

Primarily responsible for the day-to-day implementation of HIV counseling, testing, and referrals according to company polices and procedures.  Coordinating and conducting risk assessment applications; conducting informed consent activities, scheduling wave, replicating and/or implementing behavioral intervention curriculum.

Encourage, coaches, and support the clients in expressing their perspective throughout the processes of assessment, service planning, and service delivery. The ability to self disclose as HIV positive to peers, colleagues and community members. Be able to create and facilitate a variety of peer activities that support and strengthen adherence of client care plan, medication and consistent infectious care management.

Develop a knowledge base and contacts in community to assist with providing needed resources to recipients and provide consultation to Ryan White and HOPWA case management team while also locating supplementary resources in the community.  Peer mentor will act as advocate for client in clinical and supportive service appointments.  Recommend additional care and resources based on facts identified in assessment and indicated on care plan.