Business Responds to AIDS” (BRTA) is based on building partnerships among businesses, health departments, community based organizations and government agencies to promote the development of comprehensive HIV/AIDS programs. BRTA encourages business executives, managers and leaders to undertake comprehensive workplace HIV education that includes developing written HIV policies; providing employee education; supporting education efforts for employees’ families; and providing corporate support and encouraging employees to provide volunteer support for community HIV-prevention activities. In addition, the program encourages businesses to educate their customers on HIV. By collaborating with area businesses, Miracle of Love is able to increase HIV/AIDS awareness in Central Florida while gaining the community supporting in assisting with HIV prevention.

Becoming a BRTA partner is easy! Follow a few simple steps to become a BRTA partner, and complete the Business Commitment below. Following submission, a BRTA representative will reach out to you to provide you with information about your partnership commitment and coordinate distribution of materials.

  • Visibility – The program provides a national platform for businesses to showcase their efforts in addressing HIV in the workplace.
  • Productivity – By retaining employees, businesses increase productivity by reducing direct costs associated with extended absence due to illness, turnover, recruitment, separation, and lost institutional knowledge.
  • Profitability – By demonstrating a commitment in the fight against HIV, businesses garner respect and brand loyalty that can generate financial returns, align to stakeholder needs, and attract positive consumer responses.
  • Accessibility – BRTA provides access to accurate, timely, and relevant HIV information, resources and peer-based technical assistance.
  • Connectivity – Initiative facilitates access to a diverse network of like-minded businesses and stakeholders.
Why we need you?

As a partner of the Business Responds to AIDS initiative, you will join other local merchants in building a stronger, healthier community by making FREE testing, condoms or educational classes available to your customers or employees. You have a powerful voice of leadership in the community and your participation will increase community impact.

why you should care?

AIDS is not over – It’s still an epidemic in our community.  

  • Number of people living with diagnosed HIV in 2016 in Orlando: 11,962
  • Number of new HIV diagnoses in 2016 in Orlando:  652
  • 73% of people living with diagnosed HIV in 2016 were men, and 27% were women.
  • 38% of people living with diagnosed HIV in 2016 were black, 28% Hispanic/Latino, and 31% white.
  • Number of deaths of people with diagnosed HIV in Florida in 2015: 2,054
  • Number of deaths of people with diagnosed HIV in Orlando in 2016:  179

    Participate with no financial investment and little time.
  • Mobile screening unit is available to test in parking lot or similar space.

Tell us about yourself and business, and let us know any questions you may have about BRTA