Executive Director
Angus Bradshaw Executive Director abradshaw@miracleofloveinc.org
Steven Neal (Intern) Executive Assistant sneal@miracleofloveinc.org
Accounting and Finance
Diana Lineburgh Accountant dlineburgh@miracleofloveinc.org
Ryan White and Project AIDS Care (PAC)
Vanessa Rivera Director of Client Services vrivera@miracleofloveinc.org
Ryan White Case Management Team
Mayte Britzius Medical Case Manager (Lake County) mbritzius@miracleofloveinc.org
Jennifer Chadwick Non-Medical Case Manager (OCHD) jchadwick@miracleofloveinc.org
Jose Duarte Medical Case Manager jduarte@miracleofloveinc.org
Angela Johannes Medical Case Manager ajohannes@miracleofloveinc.org
Jessica Layne Non-Medical Case Manager (Lake County) jlayne@miracleofloveinc.org
Belisa Montalvo Medical Case Manager (Osceola County) bmontalvo@miracleofloveinc.org
Kimberly Palmer Non-Medical Case Manager (Lake County) kpalmer@miracleofloveinc.org
Project AIDS Care (PAC) Case Management Team
Rosa Alifonso PAC Case Manager ralifonso@miracleofloveinc.org
Leslie Ann Rodriguez PAC Case Manager larodriguez@miracleofloveinc.org
Derrick Sneed PAC Case Manager (Lake County) dsneed@miracleofloveinc.org
Housing Opportunities for People With AIDS (HOPWA) Team
Adam Conrad (Intern) Housing Case Manager aconrad@miracleofloveinc.org
Lisa Fermaint Housing Case Manager lfermaint@miracleofloveinc.org
Maylen Peguero Housing Case Manager mpeguero@miracleofloveinc.org
Julian Vega Housing Program Manager jvega@miracleofloveinc.org
Targeted Outreach for Pregnant Women Act (TOPWA) Team
Alisa Brown TOPWA Outreach Coordinator abrown@miracleofloveinc.org
Shemela Morrison TOPWA Program Coordinator (OCHD) smorrison@miracleofloveinc.org
LaDawn Pierre TOPWA Program Manager lpierre@miracleofloveinc.org
Prevention Department Team
Jose De La Cuesta CTR Specialist jdelacuesta@miracleofloveinc.org
Rose Hornedo CTR Specialist rhornedo@miracleofloveinc.org
Nelson Mercado Community Outreach Coordinator nmercado@miracleofloveinc.org
Ray Rivera Prevention Program Coordinator rrivera@miracleofloveinc.org
The Stafford House
Lester Burgos M-Powerment Program Coordinator lburgos@miracleofloveinc.org
Ieshia Scott Peer Mentor iscott@miracleofloveinc.org
Prechsard Williams Peer Mentor pwilliams@miracleofloveinc.org
Brett Yancy Fundraising Coordinator byancey@miracleofloveinc.org
Miracle of Love, Inc.
Ira Westbrook Community Liaison info@miracleofloveinc.org